Spray it Community Art Project

Mural Project


A Mural Project allows a group of disengaged young people (or other) an opportunity to develop skills in airbrushing, and then plan, develop, and participate in the painting of a community mural.  The group will be encouraged to make decisions and take ownership of the project. 


The program covers

  • Training sessions for participants:

-        Develop skills in airbrushing

-        Developing designs together

  • Completing murals on walls with in the community  
  • Legal requirements
  • OH&S 


Project Duration

Two hours on a weekly basis for one whole school term. (This can be flexible to work in with organisation) 


Target Audience: -   

Young people aged 14-18 who are disengaged or at risk of being disengaged from school (or other). 



For participants

  • Develop their art skills
    • Have developed teamwork skills
    • Connection with the community
    • Jobs skills
    • Sense of achievement
    • Improved communication skills
    • Have something to put in their resume and folio
      • Have ownership with a team
      • Completed art work in the community


For the community

  • A mural within the community that identifies with young people
  • Graffiti prevention
  • A community that values the contributions of young people


For your organisation

  • Young people engaged in an activity that they enjoy, own, and identify with.
  • A piece of community art that is linked to your organisation
  • Enhances and diversifies services offered 
  • Good publicity
  • Opportunities to get articles in the local paper