Spray it Community Art Project 

Airbrush T-shirt Work Shop


 Airbrush T-shirt workshops enable young people to create their own T-shirt to take home.  An instructor will run a group training session then allow participants to create and airbrush their own designs. 


Great for Community Festivals or events:

Workshops can be also run in youth centres, schools, community groups/centres, and for holiday programs .


We come to you and set up indoors or outdoors.  All wee will need is assess to power.


All Staff have working with children checks.

The workshop covers

  • Training - How to use an airbrush
  • Putting a T-shirt Design together
  • The participant airbrushes their T-shirt to take home
  • OH&S


Workshop Duration

One day workshop -The program will run for 2 hours (take up to 10 participants)

Events workshops- Min of 3 hours



For Participants:

  • Learned new skill
  • The opportunity to be creative
  • Their very own t-shirt to take home


For your organisation:

  • Young people engaged in an activity that they enjoy
  • Enhances and diversifies services offered