Frequent Ask Questions

Pre-Order Questions

Q.  Can I bring in my own shirt?

A.   Yes, you can.
We ask that you please make sure that the shirt is clean and dry. We actually prefer that you give us new shirts fresh from the store. We can paint on cotton, polyester, and rayon, but materials like satin and silk cannot be sprayed as they are a looser weave and the paint doesn't stick as well as cotton fibres. Also, heat setting is harder because the fabric could melt.


Q.   Can I bring in my own design?

A.      Yes, you can.
If you have a drawing or picture, please make sure it is clear and understandable. We can then make it just as it is, or make improvements.

Q.   Can I change a stock design?

A.      Yes, you can.
We can change any colour, name, shape, font, text and language that you ask for.

Q.   Can I get two designs on one shirt?

A.      Yes, you can.
Just pick out or bring in the two designs you want, tell us what sides of the shirt you want the designs and then we can do it.

Q.    Can you paint a sample for me first so that I can see if I like it or not?

A.      Ummm... no.
Not unless you wish to pay for the design twice. We can, however, draw a sketch of the basic layout and based on the level of skill as shown in the artwork in our portfolio, this should give you a good idea of what we can do for you.

 Q.    I need a lot of shirts. What is your bulk order policy?

A.     Yes we can  

We can definitely do bulk orders. We also give a discount on bulk order; discount will depend on how many you order. We ask that bulk orders be brought to us at least 2 weeks before you need them in case we need to order special shirts.

Q.      Do I have to pay up front?

A.       Yes, you do.
      Payment under $100 need to be payed up front. Payment over $100 require a 50% deposit

Q.     Discounts... can I get 'em?

A.      Hmmm...
We try to keep our prices fair and competitive as well as profitable for us. Unfortunately we cannot offer the types of discounts that screen printers offer by sheer reason that individually airbrushing a lot of shirts takes the same amount of time as airbrushing just one.... so trying to compete with screeners is not economically feasible. However, we can offer discounts on Bulk odder over 4 items. Discount will depend on how many items are order

Q.     How can I pay without a credit card?

A.      Customers from Australia can pay using a money order. Just step up to the AusPost counter and purchase one. You must then send it to us, and we must allow time for the money order to clear in our bank account. We also can do wire transfers. Email us for details


Post-Order Questions

 Q.    Are the paints safe?

 A.      Yes, they are.
Our airbrush paints are water-based and non-toxic.

Q.    How long does it take to dry?

A.      Not long at all!
In fact the airbrush paint dries most of the time within 5-20 seconds. The paint will definitely be dry by the time you get it because we heat set the paint with our heat press at a temperature of 180C-375F.

Q.     Can I wear it when I get it?

A.      Yes, you can.
You'll be rapt!


Q.     Does the paint wash out?

A.      No, it doesn't.
We have airbrushed thousands of t-shirts without ever having one complaint of it washing out. We do have a seat press in the kiosk to greatly reduce fading and we also give you washing instructions that will help keep your airbrushed shirt looking fairly new thru many washings.

Shipping Questions

Q.       How long will it take to get my order?

A.      Pretty quickly, depending on the kind of order you have made.
Have a look at our ordering info page for more information.


Q.     Do you deliver in the Melbourne Area?,

A.       if you need a courier to deliver your order at a specific time, you can arrange it. Otherwise, Australia Post should be able to get your order to you by the next day.


Q.       Do you ship to locations overseas?

A.      Yes, we do.
Please email us for details regarding overseas shipping for more info.


Tech Questions

Q.        What graphic file sizes do you work with?

A.      We work with PDF and JPG,. Using pictures off the Internet for use in transfers is bad because they are usually made at 72dpi, a low resolution that looks very pixely or blocky when blown up. We ask that your pictures be sent to us in at least 150dpi and preferably at 300dpi, which is a good resolution for manipulating and printing.


Miscellaneous Questions

Q.     Do you airbrush on leather?

A.      Yes, we do!
Leather is great to paint on, and we have lots of experience painting it. If you have a motorcycle jacket or vest that you want done up, just let us know. We hope to find some suppliers so that we can do some real airbrushing for the crotch rocket crowd. 

Q.    Do you airbrush on cars, motorcycle tanks, or helmets?

A.      Yes, we do!

It will depend on what you want done otherwise we can pass you on to other artist

Q.     Do you paint murals outside of your shop?

A.      Yes, we do!
Please refer to Foli page for more info.

Q.     Do you do temporary tattoos?

A.      Yes, we do!
Please check out our Events  page for more information.